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Zone Chart
Zone1 (East end, hallway outside the chamber): Double doors leading in to the hallway can be shut and bolted from the inside of the chamber.:
OCCUPY: Midnorton

Zone2 (Eastern half of the audience chamber): This is the main floor of the chamber, where all of the cultists have convened. It is literally a throng of men, and so moving into Zone3 would require an AGI check of 25 or more to avoid being pulled down and trampled by the crowd:
OCCUPY: Valaren, Skyler

Zone3 (Western half of the audience chamber): Here there is a raised platform, where there is an altar beneath a giant golden statue that is suspended in mid-air.:
OCCUPY: Masked CULT LEADER, Pregnant woman, Artimus, Garvan

Difficulty Ratings


 Traveller's Journal

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PostSubject: Traveller's Journal   Traveller's Journal I_icon_minitime24.07.12 20:47

This Journal is for the PC's to record important information. It's editable by all.

This musty old tome, sunken and worn and sodden by the trials and tribulations of adventure, sits in the bottom of your leathered backpack. Inside, a tale of wondrous places, perilous tasks, and diverse individuals spins across a lifetime in the Old World.

Quest Information
Journey to the North Sea of Claws (Main Quest- on hold) Setting sail into the northern Sea Of claws, three weeks after returning to port, continuing a crusade seeking after evil emanations or a manifestation of chaos detected by Aureg Deviniations. Brahnzik feels they are the most vivid yet. seven such three-week voyages into the stormy Sea of Claws have been taken thus far. The current voyage is set to be 15 days to the destination.

Aureg on his visions "Aureg see the strands of chaos, burning round the Sea of Claws. He see their movements, wrapping round the good folk of this world like a poison filigree. It calls to me, you know." he said quietly. "Once I bore de yolk of that great burden upon my neck, the power of corruption drivin me to blood and unclean worship. Evil, horrible things. But great…"

Orcs at sea (side quest)
Vengance II was attacked by Black Orcs, possibly being mistaken by merchant ships. The skiff used by the orc bore Empiric markings.
Artimus, Wulfric, Garvan and Midnorton set out to invsetigate, being warned that Vengenace II set out at daylight.Upon investigation a great ship run aground on a shole near an island was located. the ship appears damaged. On the nearby island there is signs of people on the shore. The water around the boat is occupied by sharks.

Upon investigation, The ship is scuttled on a shole, under the control of the orcs and being used as a jail and launching point.
Ronal of Altdorf, theNavigator of The North Sword Great ship, was found in a holding cell of his own ship after it had been taken by orcs.The North Sword was bound for Marienburg carrying agreements of trade between here and Sulkporte worth thousands of gold to independent trade guilds in the city. Ronal rescued by the fellowship states that thee ship has been under the control of the orcs for three weeks and Ronal suspects picked clean of supplies. It appears that the nearby island is occupied by orcs and that they are using it as a trade hub of some kind. The orcs have at least two long ships and at least 120 men.

The fellowship burnt the North sword and freed from it NORTH SWORD TRADE MANIFEST, which according to Ronal is worth several thousand. The Ledger is of alegal nature, dealing with trade throughout an Imperial shipping lanes.

The fellowship was able to burn the North sword trading vessel, kill four orcs, obtain the NORTH SWORD TRADE MANIFEST, rescue Ronal, Slip by the longboats un detected and return to the Vengeance II by daybreak with no losses.

Mission: Deemed a Success

Lost Lady Giess\ Save this deal

Giess Of Giess trading company has hired the fellowship to retrieve his daughter to prevent him from losing a lucrative business relationship. He believes she has been kidnapped by bandits, or a rival merchant company to sabotage his dealings.

The party goes to meet the suspected bandits in the guise of making a trade. However the party does not have the real crest to exchange. The party met the bandits, ambushed them and after a quick battle had killed the bandits. The hostage they had in toe was Thenus, Priest of Magustan. A half elf Cherious reveals himself to be following the party, an agent of the OST trading company, a rival. Artimus crushes the half elf in an honored duel. Cherius and Thenus return to town,

The Fellowship tracks the Bandits ingress to find a cottage, and from there track to a fort in the wilds. Beneath the fort the party encounters Lesale and Skylar who join the party. Lesale burns to crisp moments later. The party encounters Valaran who is currently being escorted under guard. The party kills the guard s and frees Valaran. The party encounters a cult raising a demon and a golden statue. Lady Giess appears to be part of a dark ritual. All the cultists are killed, the demon is released and escapes. Lady Giess is saved. Skylar receives a mortal wound from a fireball cast by the cult leader. On the cult leaders death, the golden statue exploded and the party is damaged by the hot metal. Despite the party efforts Skylar dies. Midnorton reveals himself as a dryad. Valaran and Midnorton stabilize Lady Giess.

Upon reaching the surface, Wulfric is found dead and dismembered. Artimus receives some strange symbols on his wrist. The party returns to Sulkport with their dead, and lady giess. The party goes to the Church of Magustan's and receive 10,000 from Giess. Lady Giess recives treatment. Wulfric and Skylar are buried.

Mission Successful. Casualties 3

The White Demon of Sulkport

The Party resolves to persue the white demon, Thenus advises there is a priest Father Abendas who keeps an abbyfurther inland that may have information about the demon. Abendas is a native of the area, Thures provides an letter of introduction.

Thenus advises regarding the demon

"There are older places in the Seaspray Isles where his light has not penetrated. Darker, eldritch villages inland - where small bastions and hamlets worship the old Wild Gods and stand alone against the evils that lurk in the crags and crevices. You'd like find some answers there, though I've never ventured in those hills myself."

Mystery Meeting

An unknown party has requested a meeting with the fellowship at the Seaspray inn. The Party is inclined to take the meeting

Important People
Lord Hamus Brahnzik: Leader of the Demon hunters (Guardsmen of the Bluffs), Lord of the Cassidy Bluffs,well-kept man, deep baritone voice.

Seer Aureg : half-orcen seer that Lord Brahnzik employs and has come for the voyage. The crewmembers are wary of him, and he is mostly outcast from the group. he employs Herbs of somekind.

Demon Hunters (Guardsmen of the Bluffs): a ground of at least thirty men, all of whom are sailors and able guardsmen of axe, sword and bow. Under the command of Lord Hamus Brahnzik currently commited to continuing a crusade seeking after evil emanations or a manifestation of chaos detected by Aureg Divinations,


Priest of Magustan in Sulkport, Was saved by the party from bandits. Thenus adss provided assistance to the party.


Halfling in service of the OST trading company was following the party when they left Sulkport.

Cilianna Giess: Daughter Of Giess, of Giess Trading Company.

Unimportant PeopleCaptain Aurelik: A tall man, long black beard wide-brimmed admiral’s hat.
First mate Gehruz

Lanky Estalian named Jorgaz

Ronal of Altdorf: Navigator of The North Sword Great ship, found in a holding cell of his own ship after it had been taken by orcs. Rescued by the fellowship, he is currently on the Vengance II.
Smee: Ronal's dead ship mate; now avenged.

Important Places
The Cassidy Bluffs: a towering, impenetrable island that was home to the traders and tradesmen of the northern Empire shores, cast a broad shadow down upon the docks, the flickering torches of Brahnzik Keep visible hundreds of feet above.

Vengeance II: A three-mast schooner Commanded by Lord Hamus Brahnzik and Captained by Captain Aurelik. he Vengeance II holds thirty men, all of whom are sailors and able guardsmen of axe, sword and bow. It is a three-masted, four-decked ship with a galley, a storeroom, and six sleeping chambers, plus a captains quarter and an admiral's grandchamber.

Unknown island (with settlement on shore confirmed Orc)

The North Sword trading Vessel: was bound for Marienburg carrying agreements of trade between here and Sulkporte worth thousands of gold to independent trade guilds in the city

Unique Facts

Aureg has an oiled chest in his room as well as herb and wine

The skiff used by the Black orcs has the imperial signet of Altdorf, capital city of the Empire.

The black Orcs have an island from which they are operating know to the fellowship.

NORTH SWORD TRADE MANIFEST: amanifest housed a collection of papers of trade, signed and sealed by various merchant houses that plied their route between Norsca and the Empire through Marienburg.
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Traveller's Journal
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