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Zone Chart
Zone1 (East end, hallway outside the chamber): Double doors leading in to the hallway can be shut and bolted from the inside of the chamber.:
OCCUPY: Midnorton

Zone2 (Eastern half of the audience chamber): This is the main floor of the chamber, where all of the cultists have convened. It is literally a throng of men, and so moving into Zone3 would require an AGI check of 25 or more to avoid being pulled down and trampled by the crowd:
OCCUPY: Valaren, Skyler

Zone3 (Western half of the audience chamber): Here there is a raised platform, where there is an altar beneath a giant golden statue that is suspended in mid-air.:
OCCUPY: Masked CULT LEADER, Pregnant woman, Artimus, Garvan

Difficulty Ratings


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PostSubject: Oldest 20 sider found   Oldest 20 sider found I_icon_minitime10.11.12 18:21

Source GeekologieOldest 20 sider found Oldest-d20
In news so exciting it stopped my heart and I had to chug a half
dozen Monster Energy Drinks to bring myself back to life and even that
didn't work so I'm dead now, a new world's oldest d20 die has been found IN EGYPT. The previous record holder was a Roman glass die from around the 2nd century AD, but this one -- this one IS EVEN OLDER. I hope you're sitting down:

<blockquote>Pictured above is a twenty-faced die dating from somewhere
between 304 and 30 B.C., a timespan also known as Egypt's Ptolemaic

So the Egyptians played Dungeons and Dragons too! No, no they
didn't. I don't know what they played. Probably dead so the
slave-master wouldn't make them work on the pyramid that day. Still, I
can't believe they even had the skill to cut and carve things so
intricately back then. Because I was just cutting up a hotdog to make
beanie weenies and almost took a finger off. ALMOST. See? "No, it's
gone." *puking beans and weenies*

Thanks to Sarah and jeffery, who just rolled to see who's paying for beers tonight.
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Lore Keeper
Lore Keeper

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Oldest 20 sider found Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oldest 20 sider found   Oldest 20 sider found I_icon_minitime11.11.12 20:16

This is incredible! I must have it for my dice bag..........
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Oldest 20 sider found
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